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Car Audio Zone offers the best window tint and it's installation for vehicles in the city of Houston, we stock brands like 3M and Sunteck, everything from a car, truck or SUV has its windows and windshield tinted here. Houston tends to have hot summers and quality tint can make a big difference in your driving experience and its looks.

Everyone knows what tint is and how it benefits a user in terms of heat reduction and privacy a lot of individual's are unaware that there is a health benefit that they can derive from it and that is protection of skin the cancer society of America recommends it.

Houston has a lot of tint shops that sell various brands and types of tint but most shops promote and sell cheap low quality film so that it would seem attractive to the end user that is just shopping for the best price you may have seen a lot of $79.00 and $99.00 tint signs posted outside shops and advertised in publications to lure in buyers, these films do not block out UV Rays and heat as they should and because the tint has cheap dye and a cheap adhesive it develops large bubbles and changes color to become purple soon after installation.

Fortunately there are some shops in Houston which still sell top brands and have stayed away from using lower grade tint and maintained quality. Car Audio Zone is one of those tint locations in Houston.

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