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Driver Saftey & Assistance is your best option in Houston and srounding areas such as Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial City and its even worth a drive from places like Galveston Texas City, Pasadena, Clear Lake and Dear Park etc.

Driver Saftey & Assistance offers driver safety solutions to both business and individuals that are looking for the right solution

We have been in business for 15 years and have been offering driver safety equipment ever since it became available as an aftermarket solution we have evolved in a timely manner with this service maintaining the good quality of work and products we are famous for

In this line of products and services we offer :-


Backup sensors

We also sell and Install backup and front sensor systems these systems may also include visual aids, such as LED or LCD readouts to indicate object distance. There are a lot of benefits these sensors give a user as they are audible and catch attention of the driver.

Front view & Backup Cameras

In addition to backup cameras front cameras on your vehicle are used to avoid hitting parking blocks and the damage that occurs to your bumper. Our front car cameras are designed for many vehicles and will prevent you from hitting and damaging your bumper.

Side Mirror Cameras

We also sell car side view cameras for your two side view mirrors. these are helpful while changing lanes and if they are tied up with a front and back camera they can provide a 360 degree view.

Front sensors

Front Parking Sensors. The bonnet design of most new cars makes it all but impossible to see where the front of the vehicle ends. Safety and convenience are of paramount importance to most drivers when they are manoeuvring and Xvision Parking Sensors

Backup Camera

This is a advanced type of reverse camera system can be a wired system and also one that does not require the use of cables between the camera itself and the display. It functions remotely. Wireless rear-view cameras usually have separate sources of p