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Protecting the family and yourself, as well as your car, belongings, and car DVD, stereo are all excellent reasons to install a car security system. Most insurance companies offer discounted rates for car’s equipped with an alarm in most cost is of set by these savings.Houston has a very high rate of Auto theft which ranges from Trucks, Cars, and SUV’S, they are stolen by being towed or hotwired, contents or wheels and Rims are also stolen

A security system makes your car harder to steal, it also offers every day convenience. You can arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock your doors, and maybe even open your trunk. Some systems allow you to use your smartphone to control and monitor your car's security. Two-way remotes give you feedback on your car's status and feedback to commands sent via the remote.

How a typical security system works:

  • Kill switch stopes your car from being hotwired.

  • Proximity sensors allow you to leave the top down or the windows open. These Sensors are also good for cargo areas in vans and trucks. The sensors will trigger the alarm if a thief invades your space.

  • Glass break/Audio sensors trigger the alarm when they hear a window breaking. This gives you protection from the thief who thinks that he can bypass your alarm system by not opening the door.

  • A digital tilt sensor monitors a tilt in your parked vehicle caused by an attempt to lift up or tow the vehicle.

  • You can Remote start the vehicle and enjoy the luxury of heating the interior up during the winter and warming it up during the summer.

  • Some remote systems allow the use of your smartphones to control the alarm system, which gives you unlimited range when you have phone service.

  • GPS tracking can be added to your security system and allow you to keep track of your vehicle's location, and receive alerts when it leaves or enters a designated location, or if it is over speeding.

  • We have been installing Car Alarms in Houston for many years, we have one of the most experienced and well trained staff that Houston has to offer. We are Viper preferred dealers we also carry all Directed Electronics Incorporated brands, we also carry Prestige and Auto page Alarm Systems, if there is a need for security or keyless entry please contact us we have many customers in Houston who are very satisfied with what we offered and did.

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